A well known name in Malaysian politics Najib Razak gets 12 year jail in corruption trial . This case verdict shows Malaysia trying to get out of corruption in nation. First Malaysian Ex-Prime Minister corruption accused.

Accusation on Najib Razak ?

He is accused for 1MDB scandal. What is 1MDB scandal ?

The 1 Malaysia Development Berhad scandal or 1MDB scandal is an ongoing political scandal occurring in Malaysia. In 2015, Malaysia’s Prime Minister  was accused of channelling over RM 2.67 billion (≈ US$700 million) from  (1MDB), a government-run strategic development company, to his personal bank accounts. The event was triggered widespread criticism among Malaysians, with many calling for Najib Razak’s resignation – including Mahatir Mohommad , one of Najib’s predecessors as Prime Minister, who eventually defeated Najib to return to power after 2018 election. in Malaysian Election 2018 this case play the biggest part.

Najib Razak Is the Son of second prime minister of Malaysia Abdul Razak and the nephew of third prime minister of Malaysia Hussein Onn after that he have a big political background . He also be 6th prime minister of Malaysia. But unfortunately he become the first prime minister in Malaysia who is accused for corruption.

After this court decision He say “Still have rights to appeal in higher courts”

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