Lebanon protests after blast

8 August 2020 Lebanon- After the blast anti government protests in Lebanon started. Lebanon protests after blast Large crowd gathered near the the central Martyrs’ Square nearby. Where protests demanding the removal of the country’s top politicians. The air was full with tear gas publice going out of control. Police use tear gas to control. This is the biggest protests since a nationwide uprising after October. In the protest as the red cross says. “More than 100 people get injury in the protests, 22 were transferred to hospitals”.

More ever in this crisis Four Lebanese lawmakers have resigned amid growing public anger following a massive explosion and struck. The Lebanon port earlier this week. Three lawmakers belonging to the Lebanese Kataeb Party and an independent MP say they were resigning from the 128-member parliament. “We and some other honorable MPs will strip the political elite of their cover,” MP Nadeem Gemayel said after his resignation.

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In Twitte MP Nadeem say, “Today, I submitted my resignation from my position as a deputy in the Lebanese Parliament for the city of Beirut. Because the unproductive constitutional institutions that are under the influence of arms no longer represent my aspirations and the ambitions of Olouni’s confidence in their representation”.

In Eearlier today Ex-captain of cargo ship blames Lebanese authorities for blast Boris Prokoshev, the former captain of the ship that brought almost 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate to Beirut, said Lebanese authorities were “very well” aware of the dangers posed by the vessel’s cargo.

EU gives the hand of help immediately to the Lebanon in this crisis. The European Union announced the release of 33 million euros in emergency aid to Lebanon to help cover the immediate needs of emergency services and hospitals in Beirut. 

In Lebanon crisis all world come in front to help.
“We are monitoring and stand ready to assist the people of Lebanon as they recover from this horrible tragedy,” Pompeo wrote on Twitter.

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