Baghdad Snowfall is effect of Global Warming ?

Is Baghdad Snowfall Global Warming ?

That is so normal to see snowfall in north part of Iran. But it’s so much rare to see a snowfall in capital of Iraq Baghdad Snowfall. In last time snowfall in Baghdad in year 2008 is happened. This time so much things happen in Iraq so big tension between US and Iraq. In Tuesday Snowfall make so rare view in Iraq its make so much beautiful so see snowfall in Baghdad local resident say’s.

But big concern as this time changing of weather all over the world first we also see snowfall in Pakistan also is really a big concern for all over than world. Maybe Baghdad Snowfall Global warming or not ? But North Pole also melting down. Every country have different weather condition now a days. Really a Big concern for upcoming days. If world not think seriously about this then as soon as possible if we late then we have no time to think about this we already so late we have to take big steps as soon as possible.

This really concern but seeing a snowfall for a really a rare and new view for Baghdad people who really like and enjoy of this snowfall.

It’s good to see all world take this so serious this carbon emission and all countries want to reduce this as much as possible. But this not good to see only in summit and talk this happen in real world and not even every country take this serious every person take this his own responsibility to fight against the biggest fight Global Warming.

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