Coronavirus Effect : E-learning in India how its Work ?

Coronavirus Effect : E-learning in India how its Work ? After coronavirus cases grown up all over the world schools, business all shut down or slow down. But all the countries in this hard time check a alternative for solve this problem. Because nearby time there is no solution of this disease no vaccine no cure. but until there is no vaccine world can’t stop . All countries see alternative social distance and many measure to protect economy . But most sensitive part in all of this are students . They use to go to school and learn this but in this time this not possible. All Developed countries so early started E-learning because they have all the sources but how E-learning in India is its work ?

E-learning in India started as revolution when started television and radio come in India. They give programme for students this keep increasing their are many channels for this. But in compare of other countries India can’t reach that goal which other countries reach. Billions of student in India study in government school & billions study in private school. Private school started all this giving online home work online video classes. but in government school this is too far all students study almost stop after first lockdown started still their government not take big steps for students study in government school.

We Should know well at ground level that what is Coronavirus Effect : And how E-learning in India is its Work ? This is a serious issue in this time government give too much attention to control coronavirus. but government also have to think which student study in government school their online classes or anything or any possibility so that students keep learning and their study not stop. Let’s when study going to start this student’s also . E-learning in India still have to go too far to reach their goals. There are many E-learning websites byju’s , Vedantu and many more youtube channel in India which is helping student to study at home. But which student not have food give one time food Mid-Day meal in Government Schools. Truly they are not reachable for this kind of education. Government should be early start alternative for these students.

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