Biggest question after banning Chinese Apps that its alternative how works in India ? The demand for homegrown apps increased overnight in India as soon as the Chinese app was banned, but it’s not easy for user to feel same user experience when they years use Apps and suddenly disappeared from mobile phones. In India Chinese Apps alternative how work see this including short video making app TicketLock. Several homegrown apps, including Spark, Roposo, Chingari, Mitron Trail, Share Chat, have received record downloads. But now the problem facing these apps companies is to lose users. It has become a big challenge for them to keep users on their platforms.

For this, native app companies have put a lot of effort. Actually, users are not liking the native platform and are trying out new apps to find an alternative to TicketTalk.

Now companies are adopting new maneuvers to woo more and more users. These apps are now trying to woo users through competition and features. Recently, a report by KalaGato claimed that the engagement level of native apps is much lower than that of TikTok. Some users who have used TikTok before, do not like the experience of these apps.

The Indian short video app Sparka benefited significantly after the banning of TikTok. Every hour millions of people started downloading this app and millions of videos were seen. The Sparkle app has been downloaded by more than 10 million people so far. Recently, Pani presented her first digital talent hunt show called Chingari Stars: Talent’s Mahasangram.

Under Talent’s Mahasangram, the best content creators have been given a reward of Rs 1 crore, while the best content creators of each state of the country have been announced a reward of five lakh rupees. Announcing the show, Chingari App’s co-founder Sumit Ghosh said that the purpose of the show is to give a place to the desi talent.

Experts say that no brand is made in one night. It may take a few years for these platforms to reach Ticketock’s level. Increasing engagement is a slow process. Usually it takes 2 to 3 years. The engagement that was on Tiktok is not available on any of these apps. These apps will have to wait for some time even after many breathtaking features and competition. It is a kind of brand building process and it will take time.

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