Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated state-of-the-art labs for corona testing in Noida, Kolkata and Mumbai through video conferencing. The capacity of testing here has been fixed at 6000 per day. The corona screening lab at the National Cancer Prevention and Research Institute (NICPR) located in Noida Sector-39 will be very modern. 12 RT PCR machines will be installed here. At the same time, 4 RNA extraction machines will also be installed. On this occasion,

PM Modi said many important things, read his special things…
There is going to be more strength in the fight against Corona.
Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata are also big centers of economic activities, now the capacity of 10,000 tests is going to be added to the available testing capacity of the country in all three places.
One good thing is that this lab is not limited to corona testing.
In future, these labs will be made available for testing of many diseases including Hepatitis B and C.
I also congratulate the colleagues associated with ICMR for this.
The way the right decisions were taken at the right time in the country that India is in a much better position than other countries.
Today the death from corona in our country is also very low.
We also have a very good recovery rate which is improving day by day.
Today, the number of people recovering from Corona in the country is going to be close to 1 million.
In the country, a package of 15 thousand crores was announced to fight Corona rapidly.

India rapidly expanded testing, tracking and its capabilities.
Today there are more than 11 lakh covid isolation beds in the country.
Today, around 1300 labs are working.
Today more than 5 lakh tests are being done everyday.
In the coming days, an attempt is being made to test 10 lakhs per day.
Today everyone is connected with the same resolve and that is to save one life each.
This effort has produced surprising results. What India did was to make PPE kits like this. Today, India has become the second largest PPE kit manufacturer in the world.
Today, more than 5 lakh PPE kits are being manufactured in the country every day.
Earlier N-95 masks used to come from outside the country, today more than three lakhs are made in the country.
Earlier ventilators used to come from outside, now the capacity to manufacture more than 3 lakhs annually in the country has been developed.
This is the reason that people’s lives are being saved today and the country which used to import now has become their exporter.
It has been a challenge to build such an infrastructure in such a short time.
The short time our paramedics were trained to fight the corona is also immaterial. Today the world is taken aback by India’s effort.
In the fight against Corona, we have come to a position where we have no shortage of anything.
Now we have to manage at village, district level. So that the fight against Corona in the villages does not become weak.
Our corona warriors should not be the victim of any kind of corona warrior fatigue, for this the retired companions who want to help in this can come forward.
As the festivals are coming up, we have to take precautions to prevent infection.
This is to ensure that the benefits of Pradhan Mantri Jan Kalyan Yojana reach the poor on time.
Masks, two yards and hand sanitization are our only weapons until our scientists make the vaccine. We also have to save ourselves and save everyone, big and small. We are confident that we will fight and win this battle against Corona.

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