Germany Rejected America Proposal to Include Russia in G-7. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has given this information in an interview. G-7 Is a from of seven country and Germany not want to include russia in this.

Trump had last month talk about the possibility of expansion in the G-7 and said that Russia should be included in it. In fact, Russia was expelled from this group of countries with seven major economies of the world after the Crimea area dispute in 2014. Germany’s foreign minister said in an interview to Rheinische Post that there was no scope for Russia to be included in the G-7. Because it has not made any meaningful progress in resolving the Crimea and East Ukraine conflict so far. He added, ‘Russia can find a peaceful solution to the Ukraine conflict and become part of the G-7 group, but it will have to take concrete steps for it’.

Russia is still part of the G-20, which includes countries with other emerging economies. On US President Trump’s proposal to invite Russia as well as some other countries to G-7 meetings. Heiko Maas stated that the G7 and G20 are two well-coordinated formats. We no longer need a G11 or G12. Maas say that relations with Russia are complex in many areas, but we also know that we need Russia to resolve conflicts like Syria, Libya and Ukraine. We have to work with Russia, not against it, but Russia will have to accelerate its peace efforts. Significantly, Germany has played a mediating role in the conflict with Libya as well as Ukraine.

What is G7 ?
The G7 is a group of countries with seven major economies in the world. This including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This group discusses various issues including climate change, security and economy and tries to solve the problems related to them. For this, the heads of these countries meet every year.

What was Trump’s proposal ?
At the time of the founding of the G7, the seven countries which were included in it were quite advanced and progressive, but now the situation has changed a lot. India, China, Australia and Russia have emerged as economic powers in the last few years. That is why the US wants the G7 to change its appearance. In view of this, Donald Trump propose to make India, Australia, Russia and South Korea a part of the group. He keep China away from it, and his decision was agreed by the United Kingdom and Canada. But Germany go against this proposal & Germany Rejected America Proposal to Include Russia in G-7. Know more click here

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