These days the messaging app Telegram, which has become the first choice of professionals these days, Telegram new features update going to give a new experience for all the user’s of this application.

The most important thing is that you can transfer up to 2GB of file in Telegram. The file can be of any type (photo-video any type). It means a leanthy movie or any type of big file can be send in this instant massaging platform.

In the official notification from Telegram, it has been said that mobile appusers can put videos in their profiles. Dark mod feature is also available. Apart from this, you can do unlimited file sharing. The maximum size of a file can be 2GB. Can create mini thumbnails for chat list and notifications. Overall Telegram has become much better than before. Professionals have started using this app really much because of its great features.

Telegram new in version 2.2:

Quickly switch between different Telegram accounts if you use multiple phone numbers.

Any type of file transfer until 2gb memory

Edit your scheduled messages.

Use Auto-Night mode to make the app theme match your system Dark Mode settings.

Also added an option to switch to the system window frame on Windows and Linux.

It’s upgradation of application always give user more options and it’s really really good that and instant massaging app giving this features.

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