Ever since Reliance Jio came into existence, the company’s stature has been steadily growing. Jio started its operations by giving people free SIM and free telecom service. Jio is the only telecom company in the country that provides only 4G network. Every time Reliance Jio brings something to its consumers and fans which is not only new but also cheaper than existing services. Reliance Jio’s ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM), which provides services like Jio Phone and Jio Fiber, awaits not only the user but also the market. Mukesh Ambani has again given a big gift to his users by making new announcements from this platform.

Jio 5G: Reliance Jio has announced to bring 5G network in the country today, giving gifts to its users. This announcement of Jio has surprised not only the mobile users but also other telecom companies in the country. Speaking on Jio 5G, Mukesh Ambani has said that the company’s preparations regarding 5G have been completed and soon the company will start trial of 5G network in the country. Jio 5G mobile users are expected to be available next year i.e.

Jio Glass: Taking technology four steps further in India, Reliance Jio today launched its modern Jio Glass in India. This smart glasses comes with a high resolution display with speakers on both the stems. Jio Glass has been equipped with more than 25 applications by the company. The weight of this spectacle is 75 grams.

Jio SmartPhone: Reliance Jio will also work on Android-based smartphone operating system in partnership with Google, announced by Mukesh Ambani from AGM’s platform today. During this announcement, Ambani has not said anything clearly about Jio’s smartphone, but the fact that the company is bringing 5G and making Android OS indicates that Jio SmartPhone will also market after Jio Phones. Will be launched in

Sold 100 million Jio Phones: Mukesh Ambani has also announced from the platform of AGM 2020 that the 4G feature phones made by the company Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 have set new sales records. According to Ambani, both Jio phones have sold 100 million ie 100,000,000 Uni.

Jio Meet: Mukesh Ambani has told about Geomit that this video conference app has been downloaded more than 5 million times since its launch. You will be surprised to know that the Jio team took just 2 months to build Jio Meet and it is the first online video conferencing app to work on India’s first cloud server.

Google Investment: Mukesh Ambani from the platform of Jio AGM 2020 has said that tech giant Google has invested 7.7 percent in Reliance Jio. The amount of this small share invested in Jio is Rs 33,737 crore. Google and Jio will work together in the path of ‘Digital India’ in the country.

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