Facebook Video Calling Updates :- The social media company Facebook on Thursday announced the launch of a feature that can broadcast video calls to 50 people simultaneously. Its specialty is that people who do not have a Facebook account can also be included in it. Video calls between 50 people can be broadcast through any profile page or group.

During the Coronavirus epidemic, the demand for video conferencing service increased tremendously and Facebook is also launching this feature to take advantage of it. Work from home was boosted by the Corona lockdown, and this has led to increased demand for video conferencing. Due to this new feature, Facebook will now challenge video conferencing platforms Zoom and Google Meet.

Facebook Inc said on Thursday that it is rolling out this feature in some countries on its platforms and messenger web. Soon it will be launched in all other countries as well. This feature combines the company’s Facebook live streaming product and Messenger rooms video calling product. In June, the number of live broadcasts from the Facebook page has doubled. Due to the Corona lockdown this year, there has been a steady increase since March.

The ability to broadcast messenger room calls live could pose a threat to Zoom, which allows paid users to live stream video calls to services such as Facebook, Google’s YouTube and Amazon’s Twitch.

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