Here is Eleven 11 Upcoming WhatsApp features is given below. 1st Video call up to fifty people in whatsApp web version available but this version not going to available for mobile app. This update comes after big success of Zoom in group video calling.

2. Multi Device Support with multi-device support. All the devices that logged in with that account will receive a message. But in new feature Chat sync available in multi device.

3. WhatsApp giving to user to use more 138 new emojis in the latest Android beta version of the app. These emojis also can add new professions such as chef, farmer, painter among others. It also brings new ‘racial’ emojis, wheelchair symbol and more.

4. Permanent mute option for group chat notification.

5. QR code for add faster new contacts .

6.Animated stickers are a new thing on WhatsApp. As of now, there are a total of four animated sticker.

7. WhatsApp is going to let users press and hold the participant’s video from a group call of up to 8 people to full screen in a group call.

8. WhatsApp have web dark mode option.

9. WhatsApp is adding a video icon in group chats to allow group participants to start a group video call quickly.

10. WhatsApp has improved the support for Voice Over. And there is a new colour chat bubble coming to WhatsApp.

11. Jio Phone new updates.

All 11 upcoming WhatsApp features are these. By this we can say WhatsApp update so many new features for their costumers but this time 11 upcoming WhatsApp features are these this make WhatsApp more useful for people. WhatsApp is dominating this space in world for massaging . No other app is as used as WhatsApp in current moment. This only possible because of WhatsApp day by day update and give more and more new features for people which make your mobile more interesting to use.

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