Italy or Portugal Only One Can Go For Football World Cup In Qatar 2022

Two biggest football team Italy and Portugal want to avoid to face each other in playoff for qualify in football world cup 2022 in Qatar. It’s hard time for both of teams that they not qualify for football world cup directly they have to be a part of playoffs to qualify in football world cup. After draw come out now Italy and Portugal in same group in playoffs. Now Italy or Portugal only one can go for football world cup in Qatar 2022.

In meanwhile maybe this is going to be last world cup for most well known Portuguese football player Christiano Ronaldo because soon he is going to 37.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Italy is current euro champions and Portugal is last euro champions. Both team are strongest teams in football world but we have to miss one team in next football world cup. Only one going to enter before their match Italy going to play North Macedonia and Portugal going to play Turkey.

Sooner we will know which one team of them is the part of next world cup . In another hand good news for Portugal is that they are going to play both their matches for playoffs in their home grounds. This maybe be helps Portugal a little bit more then Italy playing far from their home.

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