ICC T20 World Cup Winners

ICC T20 World Cup Winners History is here in general West Indies win Two times higher then all India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and England win one time each these teams. In Big names Australia and South Africa still not win any T20 world cup titles. These are the records until now. Australia in semi final and closer to receive their first t20 world cup title.

ICC T20 world cup winners
  1. first of all T20 world cup start 2007 in South Africa. In South Africa India and Pakistan reached in Finals and India win first T20 world cup.
  2. Second T20 World cup in 2009 hosted by England In this world cup Pakistan and Sri Lanka reached in Finals and Pakistan win their first world up.
  3. Third T20 world cup 2010 hosted by West Indies In this T20 world cup England and Australia reached in Finals and England win their first T20 World cup.
  4. Forth T20 world cup 2012 hosted by Sri Lanka In this T20 world cup Sri Lanka and West Indies teams reached in finals and West Indies Cricket team win their first t20 world cup.
  5. Fifth T20 world cup 2014 hosted by Bangladesh In this T20 world cup Sri Lanka and India reached in finals and Sri Lanka win their first T20 world cup.
  6. Sixth T20 world cup 2016 hosted by Indian in this T20 world cup West Indies and England reached in finals and West Indies win their second T20 world cup.
  7. Seventh T20 world cup 2021 hosted by Oman and UAE until now four team reached in semi finals England, Australia, Pakistan and New Zealand.

Now in seventh t20 world cup England going to fight against which team on the second place in point table in group 2 one of the team Pakistan and New Zealand in another hand Australia going to fight another team which top group 2 . Tonight all will be decided which team fight against which. ICC T20 World Cup Winners and more updates about cricket click here

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