3i Infotech LTD an Indian IT company. Which is established as ICICI infotech LTD. It’s promoted by ICICI bank but in March 2002 they sell their majority of Share after that it’s know as 3i Infotech LTD.

Most of IT stocks is running bull race in current time so lots of eyes on 3i Infotech share price also. After 3i Infotech sell his business and pay almost all his debt and alongside as soon as they pay debt they start to do SOA and remove 90% of their shares.

After SOA 3i Infotech delisted from BSE and NSE in August 2021 and relisted in October 2021. But relisting price not well as investor’s think because they are expecting relisting price about 80Rs but they relisted only just about 30 RS. But this pain for investor’s not stay much because after relisting 3i Infotech share price keep in upper circuit untill now price cross 100. Many person’s saying this will be next Ruchi Soya because in that share price price reach about 1000Rs.

No body predict share market but who invested in 3i Infotech before SOA now they are in good position and good gain. But as we see continue circuit in bot BSE NSE it will be easily cross 150 RS or much more but 150-200 RS is going to be a first target there may be 3i Infotech start trading normally or in other hand it may reach 500 or 1000 because lots of investor so much interested in this share after be a debt free company. This maybe bring this share price further long.

Waring Risk :- Share Market is so much up and down always so always trade on your risk or ask your consultant before invest your hard earning money.

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