Today is the day of Delhi Election results 2020. as in this 2015 a new era of politics begin in India. Anna Hazare Started a big campaign against corruption an all India come in support of them . But Anna Hazare Say’s they never Enter in Politics. But one of Protester want to come in politics and clear the corruption in politics by enter in politics.

This matter divided them and after that Arvind Kejriwal started a new party AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) and go for the election for assembly. New team most of new faces fight the election by that party and in first election 2015 no party get majority in assembly. But AAP make government . This government but it not work so many days. After that Delhi have to face again new election this time AAP is more confident about their victory because they firstly make party and win so many seats. This is big change in Indian Politics . After that happen again election in 2015 AAP win 67/70 seats. Full big majority they have this time.

There are so many matter between Central Government and AAP because Delhi not have right full State. this Delhi Election Results 2020 is big test for AAP that how people react after their 5 year ruling but this time also AAP win 62/70 seats full majority again. This shows that Delhi people think AAP is the best working for them. This is a big test for AAP that they pass.

In India this time of politics so different no one can win against Narendra Modi for parliamentary election & and BJP day by day losing election more and more states . For Central Government people still believe that Narendra Modi is best choice but in another side state election’s Modi Magic not working much.

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