After a long time almost 70 years later Cheetah returns to India. In India last seen cheetah 70 years ago. After that India trying to make again cheetah home in India. Last ever seen cheetah in India was 1952.

Indian government want to reestablish cheetah in India again. Indian government in 2009 when UPA in power they started dream Project Cheetah. In this project GOI trying to bring back cheetah in India.

First they trying to bring Asian cheetah from Iran but it’s not go in final phase . Then they start to find in Africa to bring cheetah in India.

Rare Image of Cheetah in India

Project cheetah first identified the location where to reserve upcoming cheetah. Almost 10 locations study by experts. Then they finalised three locations two from Madhya Pradesh and one from Rajasthan. All experts finally they decided Kuno national park ( Madhya Pradesh ). In first phase of cheetah project India going to bring 8 cheetah from Namibia which of them 3 are Male and 5 females. With cheetah also experts who have extreme experience about caring cheetah in Namibia also come with them. These experts help cheetah here and trying to share their knowledge with Indian authorities.

पढ़े खबरें हिंदी में क्लिक करे

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