A mysterious Hindu temple located in Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital of Kerala, India. Which called Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple : Richest holy place in the World.

The temple is a replica of the Adikesava Perumal temple in Thiruvattar. Its a temple of Padmanabhaswamy (Vishnu) enshrined in the “Anantha Shayana” posture. This temple is the tutelary deity of the royal family of Travancore. The titular Maharaja of Travancore, Moolam Thirunal Rama Varma, is the trustee of the temple.

Treasure of the temple is most discussed when supreme court give decision about this wealth. This is the reason all this temple wealth come out and then its temple be the richest holy place . There are a total of six doors located below the temple also called chamber A & B. It is the opening of these doors to assess the contents that led to the decade-long legal battle.

In 2017, the Supreme Court appointed a seven-member panel headed by amicus curiae Gopal Subramanium to assess the value of the treasure inside the doors, including two chambers that had not been opened for over 130 years. The Padmanabhaswamy Temple has six enormous secret vaults that contained its many treasures.

These were named Chambers A through F. The seven-member committee was able to open five of these vaults, with exceptional difficulty. When door A was opened by the Gopal Subramanium committee, it unearthed treasure estimated to be roughly around Rs 1,00,000 crore.

Subramanium’s voluminous report to the Supreme Court provided minute details of what was found inside the doors — bags of gold coins from the Napoleonic, Roman, medieval and British eras. Some bags weighed close to 800 kg.

They also found several gold pots and chairs that were possibly used as part of religious ceremonies. A 4ftx3ft solid gold idol of Lord Vishnu studded with diamonds and precious stone and a 28-foot golden throne used to seat the deity were also found. Apart from this, a gold ceremonial attire that may have been used on the deity, weighing close to 30 kg, was also discovered. The committee also found sacks of gold artefacts such as coconut shelled ornaments studded with diamonds and rubies, loose precious jewels like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies along with other objects made of semi-precious metals.

Mystery about Padmanabhaswamy

But their the last door Chamber B still not opened many things telling about this many stories about this door Regardless of these efforts, all but one of the six vaults were accessed – the mysterious Chamber B.

In fact, Chamber B is not part of the documented Temple Treasury. No one knows what lies beyond its gates. It is said that the chamber is holy in nature, as it houses an idol of Sri Padmanabha and many valuables of mystic origins. It is said that the chamber may very well have walls of solid gold. It may even contain the largest undiscovered treasure in world history. Unfortunately, the only thing people have seen is its gates, guarded by two enormous embossed cobras. In fact, aside from these, the steel door of Chamber B does not have and bolts, latches, or other means of entry.

Much to the fascination of the committee members, Chamber B has in fact three doors. The first one has metal grills on it. It is the one visible to the naked eye, and is accessible like the other chambers. However, they discovered a second wooden door behind it. Upon unlocking this door came yet another door, a menacing door made of iron that was slammed shut. There appears to be no way of getting through it.

It is said that any human attempts are made with technology to open the door will unleash an unspeakable calamity in the city. Some even say opening the door against its will can release unspeakable horrors throughout India, and perhaps the rest of the world.

There is very little evidence to suggest a relationship between these events to Chamber B. However, this is eerily similar to other events concerning ancient artifacts. The infamous Hope Diamond was said to cause great calamity to the person who currently owns the stunning piece of jewelry. Unfortunately, it seems an even bigger mystery surrounds Chamber B.

Legends say that Marthanda Varma of the Travancore Royal Family arranged for the creation of the six chambers. Of the six vaults, Chamber B was affixed with a special spell by hundreds of Siddha Purushas and tantriks, or religious officials, from different regions.

Legends add that only a high level Sadhus or priest familiar with chanting what is known as the Garuda Mantra can open the Chamber. If this is to believed, them some Yogic power is protecting whatever is inside of Chamber B.

Some say Chamber B is directly linked to the ocean floor. Anyone who attempts to open the door by force will be met by a torrent of ocean water. Its force is said to be capable of flooding the entire city of Kerala.

Others also say that Chamber B may have some hidden trick. It is quite possible that there is a hidden tunnel beneath the chamber. This will allow its architects to lock the chamber from the inside. At the same time, this method will not allow anyone to access the chamber from the outside. If this is true, then people who knew of the secret tunnel may have been plundering the chamber without anyone noticing.

Regardless, the High Court of India has issued a warning against opening the doors of the chamber. This is possibly due to the repercussions of trying to go against the will of the Naga Bandham guarding Chamber B.

Naga Bandhanam is said to the power that is protecting Chamber B. Tourists or foreigners who have heard of this phrase will be looking at a more intricate aspect of Hinduism. The Naga Bandham is also called a snake-binding spell. A successful spell will have various serpentine deities guard the treasure of a particular place. Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple : Richest holy place in the World

This is also the reason why there are various snake idols worshipped in temples around the country. In fact, the deity Vishnu is also often depicted riding a snake. There are also special parts of the temple dedicated for these snake deities.

However, the prevalence of snake deities and figures is not exclusive to Indian culture. Ancient cultures such as the Greeks and the Egyptians also feature serpentine and reptilian creatures. In Greek culture, a “dragon” is some form of superior snake. Even Egyptians have deities such as the protector goddess Wadjet who has the head of a snake, and the chaos god Apep who appears as a snake.

Naga Bandhanam is Chamber B is said to be unlocked by special sound waves. Some say the lock inside the door can be accessed through sound. Given the right frequency, the sound waves will be amplified and “connect” through the links inside the door. Continuous exposure to the sound will have the links interact and eventually open Chamber B.

If another person tries to open the door with a different spell, or the same spell with the wrong intonation, the sound waves are directed somewhere else. Perhaps this can cause a trap to be opened or, in the case of Chamber B, the aforementioned calamity. Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple : Richest holy place in the World

No one knows what lies inside The Padmanabhaswamy Temple and its secret Chamber B. No one has chanted the Garuda Mantra correctly up to this day, and the order of the Supreme Court against opening Chamber B still stands. Are the legends surrounding Chamber B true? Will there be an unspeakable calamity once its doors are opened by force? Or will there be someone who can chant the spell correctly and give access to its rumored treasure?

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