Semolina Pudding ( Suji Ki Kheer )

This is another Indian Sweet Dish Typical Indian Pudding with Semolina. Semolina pudding ( Suji Ki Kheer)
When the child turns 6 months of age, it is started to give him solid food, feed that child with semolina pudding, this nutritious food is made very soon and the child also likes its taste.

Everyone, whether grown up or child, will like semolina pudding. It is made instantly in a very short time. Sooji’s hot kheer tastes even better in winter.

Necessary Ingredients :-
Milk :- 500 grams (2 1/2 cups)
Semolina :- 50 grams (1/4 cup
Sugar :- 40 grams (2 table cups)
Ghee :- 1 tbsp
Cashews :- 10-12 (cut one cashew into 6-7 pieces)
Kissamis :- 20 (break the stalk and wash)
Pistachios :- 10 -12 (finely chopped)
Green cardamom :- 4 (peel and grind)

How To Make or Method :-
Take out the milk under a heavy vessel and keep it warm.Add semolina to ghee and fry it till it becomes light brown.

After the milk comes to a boil, reduce the gas flame, add semolina and sugar to the milk and stir well with a spoon, semolina kernels should not be formed. The car starts making kheer after swollen, it should be run with a spoon for a while so that the kheer does not get under the floor. When the kheer is done, add chopped cashews, varieties and cardamom.

Take semolina Pudding (Suji ki kheer) is ready. Put chopped pistachios on top and garnish with semolina kheer. Serve hot kheer and eat.

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