Omicron New Coronavirus Variant

World is suffering so hard in last two years from Coronavirus (Covid-19) . There are lots of mutation in coronavirus this make this virus more dangerous. First COVID then so many variant take a part. First most concern variant is Delta that is so much contiguous and spread so so much faster then another variant. But doctors effort and huge vaccination make possible that world is starting to be normal almost removed lockdown all over the world. But fear of mutation not end now Omicron new coronavirus variant is concern for scientist.

What is Omicron there is lots of question about this which everyone want to know? How much is contiguous how much more contiguous then delta variant all want to know? All also want to know that is this variant effect and spread vaccinated person’s also ? Is this make several disease ? also world want to know .

Omicron new coronavirus variant

Until now so few data in domain first that variant detected by South African scientist and after detected this variant in South Africa lots of countries also in list that they also detect this variant of coronavirus. Is this more contiguous this also need more data to know about this and how is effect how vaccine react and will they make antibody against this still take few more days than we will know when scientist doctor read more and more data.

In coronavirus still being effective method to save from it is take your vaccine dose as soon as possible when your turn come. We should use the mask and try to stay away from crowded place as much as possible. This all we know can do to save from Omicron new coronavirus variant.

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