Now Google Will Tell Where The Corona Test Is Happening Around your houses

Google will now tell where is corona test is happening around you.
COVID-19 means corona virus is increasing rapidly in India. Outbreaks have spread in metros like Delhi, Mumbai and the number of corona infections in the country has been close to 1118043. Coronavirus patients are appearing in almost all the states of the country. In such a situation, along with rescue, people also feel the need for testing of coronavirus. Tech company Google has also expanded its services in this hour of crisis. Now Google itself is giving you information about the COVID-19 testing centers around.

Google is also providing information about Corona Testing Centers through Google Assistant and Google Maps as well as searching and browsing. we can be availed in a few clicks.

This is how the entire list will be received

  1. You will be given complete information only by writing corona by going to Google.
  2. COVID-19 alert will be seen at the top here, in which many segments have been made.
  3. Options like Statistics, News, Health info, Prevention and Testing are given in the browser.
  4. To get information about the coronavirus testing around you, you have to click on the option of Testing.
  5. Clicking here, the map will open automatically, and any Kovid-19 testing lab near your location will be visible.
  6. Along with the location of the labs on the map, the guidelines before going there will also be explained, which have to be followed by going to the testing lab.
    Google has currently contacted more than 700 testing labs in more than 300 cities across the country, whose information is being given in the search. The details of this lab can be found not only by searching, but also through Google Assistant and by visiting Maps. It is being told that in this direction, Google is constantly in talks with other labs.

In India Aarogya setu App

The Government of India has made it mandatory for the people leaving the house to have the Arogya Setu App in their phones. Through this app, corona-positive people present nearby can also be detected. The specialty of the app is that it tracks your location at all times. Wherever you go, it keeps saving its data. In such a situation, if you have gone somewhere and there is someone around you who is later found to be Corona positive, the app will give you notifications that ‘You went to such and such a place on the same date and there on the same day A person has become coron ‘. All that is required is that this app be downloaded in the phone of all people.

Aarogya setu App helps people to assess the risk and risk of corona virus and its infection. Recently, the central government had ordered the download of the Arogya Setu app on mobile phones for its employees. At the same time, it has also been reported that it will be mandatory for all new smartphones to register on Arogya Setu. According to the information, this app can be pre-installed and sold in new smartphones launched in the country.

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