Ashutosh Bhakre :-Another Indian Actor Committed Sucide

Ashutosh Bhakre :-Another Indian Actor Committed Sucide by hanging himself at his house in Nanded, Maharashtra. He was also well known because of Khulta Khali Khulena fame Mayuri Deshmukh’s husband.

So far the reason for his suicide has not been known. Ashutosh Bhakre was the husband of Marathi actress Mayuri Deshmukh. Ashutosh’s family is shocked after this incident. At the same time, no information could be found out why Ashutosh took such a step. Let us know that Ashutosh was 32 years old.

According to the information received so far, Ashutosh Bhakre was suffering from depression for the last few days. At the same time, a few days ago, he shared a video on the social site Facebook. In that video, he said that why a person commits suicide.

Ashutosh married actress Mayuri Deshmukh in 2016. Currently, due to the lockdown. Both were staying at their house in Nanded. People close to Ashutosh and Mayuri have said that there was no difference between them. Despite this, the reason behind why Ashutosh committed suicide remains a mystery.

His fellow artists are in shock after Ashutosh’s death. His fans are still not convinced that Ashutosh is no longer among them. At the same time, there is a wave of mourning in the Marathi industry after his death. Ashutosh is left behind by wife Mayuri Deshmukh, parents and a brother.

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