There are lots of if and but about Cryptocurrency bill in India. Cryptocurrency now a days well known all over the world because a huge profit cryptocurrency give to their investor’s. Nobody forgot the Bitcoin huge jump in few years. This make everyone interested in cryptocurrency so many already invested and so many going to invest in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency a huge task for government to regulate all over the world so many countries worried of misusing this platform. Because of this Indian Government going to bring a bill for cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Bill In India
Cryptocurrency Bill In India

First of all this bill will be on table when 29 November winter session of Parliament going to start. What is going to be in this bill what not this is a big question this question’s ? Answer only we know after bill come out. But as another countries doing maybe in India also they can ban private cryptocurrency. Which cryptocurrency will come in this list we only can confirm when bill is out.

But this news when spread that Indian Government bringing cryptocurrency bill this news make so hard effect in cryptocurrency market in India. In this panic situation so many investor sell their cryptocurrency and price in many platform like WazirX and many other go so much down even coin market in world not go down only crypto market in INR go so much down. But after that crypto market in India again stable. But all going to be out after bill how work crypto market in India.

This can be win win or lose lose situation for many investor. All going to know what government have for cryptocurrency holder soon. This winter session going to big blow most likely for crypto holder. One news also in notice that Indian Government can bring their own cryptocurrency or a roadmap for their new cryptocurrency they can declare in this winter session.

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